Yoni Massage Cyprus : Everything You Need to Know

Yoni Massage Cyprus : Everything You Need to Know

Yoni Massage Cyprus: Everything You Need to Know

I am sure that Yoni Massage Cyprus is beneficial in many ways to women. Stress out, relaxation, a higher sense of spirituality, or based on pleasure.

I would like to talk about Yoni Massage Cyprus and how it can add a species to the bedroom. Yoni Massage Cyprus Session can heighten your senses, bringing you to the feelings of spiritual and emotional enlightenment.

If you’re looking for better and sensual sex, it’s important to build mental awareness, spiritual, and physical connection between you and your partner. Yoni massage will help you to achieve and feel this.

This special, intimate yoni massage can lead you to explore your sexual energy, and different types of tantric sex, helping to spice up your love bed life.

What is Yoni Massage Cyprus?

Yoni massage is a tantric practice and form of sensual massage that helps women explore, understand, and become comfortable with their bodies. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina. In this Yoni Massage session, I focus on your sensitive areas such as the vagina, vulva, breasts, and stomach.

The Benefits for Women

While multiple intense orgasms can be a part of your massage, Here are some pluses of getting it:

  • Overcome Trauma
  • Improve Sexual Relationships
  • Intense Orgasms

How to Perform It

When I begin the massage session, I don’t start directly at the vagina. Instead, I start the massage by relaxing your body then at the breast region, and slowly move onto your tummy and navel area. These are some of the most sensitive areas and are full of nerve endings in your body.

The massage session continues with tender touches to your belly, slowly working up to your ribs, between the breasts, lower abdomen, and rib cage.

When your body is warmed up, then massage and caress the areola areas. When your nipples are erect, then continue gently massage, caress, and lightly pinch the nipples. This is known as nipple play, and it’s a surefire way to get you aroused.

The main goal is to focus on your vagina, which will increase blood flow to the nerve endings. It is covered with circular motions.

Outcall service and Girl’s Nights are available
in Cyprus. Ask for the girl’s group discount.

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