Yoni Massage Cyprus

Yoni Massage Cyprus

What is a Yoni massage in Cyprus?

A yoni massage is a sensual treatment for the yoni, a Sanskrit word that refers to the female sexual organ, the vagina.

  1. The yoni is a source of very powerful energy. When this powerful energy is released during the yoni massage and spread all over the body, you enter higher vibration. This is experienced as a boost of life energy.
  2. The yoni is kept for emotions and traumas of the body. This can lead to blockages and female health problems, such as having difficulty or not experiencing an orgasm, the effect can take place with sometimes spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual and mental effects.
  3. When blockages in and around the yoni are removed, you will get more connection and feeling in your yoni.
Yoni massage

The tantra and yoni massage contains some techniques. Combined a way a unique fusion of healing (Ayurveda) with awakening and enjoyment (Tantra) is created.

How does a Yoni massage work?

By treating specific points in and around the yoni, the hidden sexual energy will be awakened and released with tantric techniques.

The yoni massage in Cyprus happens after a relaxing massage of the rest of the body. In this way, there is already a feeling of relaxation, comfort, and confidence. This process is the opening of important energy channels in the body.
The external and internal yoni massage activates the energy and activates certain pressure/energy points.

The yoni massage is part of the tantra massage. The entire body is treated and the yoni massage can happen as the last part.

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